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[Myeongdong] StyleNanda Pink Hotel and Pink Pool Cafe - Rooftop Cafe

[Seoul - COEX Mall] Jeju's Kimmanbok Abalone Premium Kimbap New Location

[NYC - Ktown] Grace Street - Bingsu

[Samcheongdong] Miss Lee's Cafe - bingsu and Korean traditional tea

[Snack Attack] OWL Instant Coffee - Singapore Brand

[NYC - Nolita] Bulletin - Female-run boutique filled with female-run brands

[NYC] New Territories NY - Bubble waffle and ice cream; Instafamous milkshakes

[Seoul] Soonnam Siraegi - homestyle Korean food and BANCHAN BUFFET (순남시래기)

[Snack Attack] Bite-sized Ramen Snacks 쫄병 (2 flavors!)

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