[NYC - Chelsea, Chinatown] [Seoul - Myeongdong] [Tokyo] Doughnut Plant

Since I have been craving doughnuts for the past couple of weeks, decided to post about some of my favorites.

I think Doughnut Plant must be pretty popular/famous. There's always a line and I'm pretty sure there is also a location in Tokyo and Seoul.

I have been to two locations in NYC and the one in Seoul.
The location in Chelsea (220 W 23rd St) has more seats and the workers are a little more friendly. As you can see by my blurry picture (above) the store is decorated with cute doughnut cushions on the walls.

There are chairs and round tables (doughnuts, get it?) and a long slatted bench along one wall.
The Lower East Side location, near Chinatown (379 Grand Street - original location) is a doughnut shop, not as café-like as the Chelsea location. There are maybe 2 tables and some window bar seating.

As you can see, there are plenty of doughnut options, including seasonal flavors and daily flavors...as if you needed more excuses to eat doughnuts.

They label the doughnuts clearly. The first decision you have to make is if you want a yeast doughnut or a cake doughnut or a filled doughnut.

I really like the tres leches doughnut, a cake doughnut. The cinnamon sugar, also a cake doughnut, is pretty good, too. They are famous for the crème brulee doughnut, but I have not tried it yet.

I am not a huge fan of filled doughnuts, so I haven't tried any of those before. If you try them, let me know what you think.

They make all of their fillings and use only natural ingredients in their doughnuts.

They are more expensive than most doughnuts, but their flavors are more intense and unique than you will find at your local Dunkin. The doughnut was around $3 after tax...so yeah, more expensive than Dunkin.

If you're in Seoul, the location is nearby Myeongdong, across from the Lotte Department Store (Euljiro-1-ga Station, Exit 2).

Even though it is expensive, Doughnut Plant is worth a try because of its history, atmosphere, and flavor.