[Korea] Caffe Bene Green Tea Bingsu - 카페베네 녹차빙수/녹빙

One of my favorite Korean foods is bingsu. Basically everywhere you go, you will be able to find a Caffe Bene, even in places outside Seoul and EVEN outside of Korea!

Which is your favorite Bene bingsu? Leave a comment below. :)

This is one of my favorite green tea bingsus. It's ginormous and has a lot more toppings than just green tea ice cream and green tea powder.

It is topped with whipped cream, pat (sweetened red beans), and a bunch of almonds.

It costs only about 10USD (9800 KRW) and they continue to make new flavors and varieties each year.

Caffe Bene is so popular that my Korean friends liken it to a cockroach. In fact, it has infiltrated the café markets abroad, including a large shop in Times Square, New York City, locations in Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.