[Korea] Beesket Juice Bar - 100% Fruit

Beesket is a chain juice bar in South Korea. It serves 100% fresh fruit juice with no sweeteners, sugar, or other additives.

I went to the store in Lotte World Mall (Jamshil station), but there are plenty of other locations.

The best thing about it is you can design your own flavor (adding up to 3 fruits/vegetables).
You can mix and match flavors as much as you want.
You get these cute little flavor mixer things that you load up with three blocks.

They have all the usual fruits and veggies as you can see in the picture above.
I went for just fruits this time.

The produce is listed in Korean, English, and Japanese...and you can also go by the picture on the hexagonal block.

Or, if you're feeling really indecisive, you can go for the "flavor of the day" and save roughly 500 won.

The juices are kind of expensive, but pretty on par with Jamba Juice and the like, but the juices at Beesket are fresher and not as artificial.

When you pick up your juice, they give you a printout of your order and how many calories are in your drink. You can also save your "recipe" at the store by writing your name on the line right above the beesket logo.

They also have a frequent buyer's card...I unfortunately always forget mine ><

Location: Various all over Korea

The location I visited was in Lotte World Mall, which is connected to Jamshil Station (Line 2, 9).