[Seoul, Gyungbokgung] Seochongil Donkatsu (Seochon Pork Cutlet)

Went to 서촌길 돈까스 Seochongil Donkatsu (Seochon Pork Cutlet) and had some homemade breaded pork cutlets.

This is a perfect location for lunch or dinner after touring Gyungbokgung Palace.

I apologize in advance. I had a fight with my phone this day and...the food pics are terrible quality.
My friend and I stopped in for a quick bite. I have been reading about this place on some Korean blogs and since I lived in the neighborhood, decided to just stop by on my walk home from work.

The top picture is the 수제 갈릭 돈까스 (Homemade Garlic Pork Cutlet) 8500KRW.

This is the 수제 파마산치즈 돈까스  (Homemade Parmesan Cheese Pork Cutlet) 9000KRW.

Out of what we ordered, the garlic cutlet wins. There is just something about the combination of flavors, but both are solid choices.

One of the best things is that this restaurant makes its donkatsu from scratch. As a result, the meat is very tender, The donkatsu was fried nicely, not just a big pool of grease.

The price was decent considering the area, but there are better options for donkatsu in Seoul.
I am still partial to the Namsan Wang Donkatsu in Myungdong.

From Gyungbokgung Station (Line 3) Exit 2, walk straight about 150 meters. It's right next to the GS25.
If you get to the street with the queue for Tosokchon samgyetang restaurant you went just a bit too far.