[K-beauty] Labiotte Truffle Revital Cream

Today's post is a guest post from my mom. It is a review of the Truffle Revital Cream from Labiotte (the company famous for their wine bottle-shaped lip tints and lipsticks).

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post (Labiotte Haul)! Just click Labiotte in the tags at the bottom of this post!

Product: Truffle Revital Cream
Company: Labiotte

Six sample packets of Labiotte’s Truffle Revital Cream came with a recent purchase I made in  Seoul. When I got home to Minnesota, I decided to try these samples before starting the jar of night face cream I had purchased.

The Truffle Revital Cream is marvelous for my “I’m old enough to have adult daughters” skin. I have fewer than average wrinkles, but the skin under my eyes doesn’t look as young as I want it to. This cream worked wonders for that skin! It looks firmer, feels softer and helps me convince myself and others that I indeed  look 10 years younger than I am. No American eye revitalizer, and I’ve tried a few, improved the look of my eyes nearly as well.

The Truffle Revital Cream also made my cheeks softer and smoother, taking away the slightly crepe-paper like texture I get in dry winter air.

I apply the cream at night, but its effects last all day.

The Truffle Cream may replace the American brands I’ve been using, that is, if I don’t like Labiotte’s “Evening Mask” and if I can get a jar of Truffle Revital from Seoul. 

This is the original/full packaging :)


  1. Labiotte is my favorite brand here in Seoul. I have tried all the brands in the year I have been here and really love every product I have gotten. It was great that they had a "Secret Box" at Christmas which allowed me to try a lot of products for a great price. Hope you also got the hand and foot masks. They are awesome! My favorite product has to be the Evening Affair Night Mask. I have tried about 15 brands and it comes out on top!!!

    1. I am really liking Labiotte, too! This review was written by my mom, who is trying the Evening Affair Night Mask, too :)
      I have also been using the Freniq Smart Lotion for a while and I am liking it so far. I'll probably write a review about that soon.
      I must check out the hand and foot masks soon. Thanks for the hint!


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