[Korea, Jeju Island] Beautiful Murals

If you're driving (or walking) around Jeju City, it's hard to miss the beautiful murals that are adorning houses and businesses and even the city walls.
I started really wanting to do more walking around the neighborhood of our hotel as my mom and I were walking to stop 1 on the Day 1 itinerary, the abalone kimbap restaurant.

Since we ended up ordering abalone porridge, we decided to walk around for the 15 minutes as we were waiting for them to prepare it.

The top one is my favorite, it's just so beautiful. I also think I really lucked out with the weather. I love how it looks like the real sky is reflecting in/continuing in the mural sky.

These are all around the same area, so if you're staying at the Ramada, I recommend, just crossing the street and exploring the neighborhood.