Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - Ticket Lottery How-To!

As you know the Winter Olympics are coming to Korea in 2018!
T-355 days until the Opening Ceremonies for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Tickets

I am going to go through some steps here help you get in the ticket lottery!

The official English page:

If you by chance get the Korean page, just click the "EN" button that is in the upper left hand corner! (The website seems to only be available in English and Korean, so sorry for speakers of other languages!)

There were some snafus last week with the English website, so that's why this is a bit delayed! I have heard others have been able to reserve tickets now using the English site! (I was able to look through and basically do everything on the Korean site, but I didn't want to make you guys go through the hassle of clicking on random stuff you didn't know the meaning of -- I am paranoid myself, so whenever credit cards and sums of money are involved, I like to do it in English (or Korean)!

Right now, the ticket lottery is open only for RESIDENTS OF KOREA (including foreign residents). 
You can apply for tickets (to be in the online lottery) from 9 FEBRUARY until 23 APRIL~

So, just wanted to give you a bit of a primer so you're ready to go when it's open worldwide!

Since this is for RESIDENTS - you need to have a FOREIGNER REGISTRATION NUMBER (it's the number on your ARC that starts with your birthdate!)

PAYMENT: They only accept VISA cards and bank transfers! (Not sure if this will change once it's open to the world...I'll keep checking). Since VISA is a sponsor, I kind of assume that they will prefer VISA, but I don't know why a business would discriminate against other types of credit cards.

BROWSER: It seems to work on any browser, so no worries if you're a Mac user or your computer doesn't have Internet Explorer anymore (since it's not the 1990s).

HOW-TO: (The English site is surprisingly straightforward and seems to match the Korean site! I am kind of amazed)
1. Register and become a member of the official website.
2. Log into your account and sign up for any of the events/sports that you want to attend, and the level of ticket you want to receive. (This is just for an entry into the lottery - you do not exchange money at this point!!! - I can imagine some scammers might try and take advantage of it, so remember no payment until you are confirmed as a ticket lottery winner)
3.  Add tickets to your "shopping cart" (each individual can request up to 50 tickets).
4. Verification of identity - This is where you need your ARC Foreigner Registration Number and phone number. It's one of those phone message verifications! Make sure you enter your name exactly as it appears on the ARC card. First, try using ALL CAPS - family name *space* given name *space* middle name (if any)
5. The lottery winners are announced on May 8! You have until May 14 to pay for your tickets (using VISA or bank transfer) and at that point you'll get your seat assignments.

6. If you win the ticket lottery and pay for the tickets, you CAN cancel and get a refund until 1 February 2018! After that point, you have to sell your ticket on the official FAN TO FAN website (opens October 2017) for face value (or less). You cannot inflate the price.



  1. I am dumbfounded... What is an ARC card and how do I find it? You are the only place I have found that even mentions it. Would it have been emailed to me or should it be on my account somewhere? I have been looking everywhere.

  2. What is an ARC Card and how do I find it? I made an account, but I never saw a Foreigner Registration Number anywhere? I have been looking everywhere.. Where would this number have been provided? You are the only person I have found that even mentions this number. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Chloe, thank you for your comment.
      I hope this can clarify it for you!
      An Alien Registration Card (ARC) is the ID card for foreigners residing in Korea. To receive it, you need to be here on a resident/working/etc. visa (tourist visas are not included). It comes from Immigration.

      Right now the Olympics tickets are only available for purchase by residents of Korea (weird, I know, but such is life in Korea).

      I will keep checking the website and add a new post when they finally allow tickets to be purchased by people outside of Korea!

    2. Thank you for your information. Have you found an information about that Foreigner Registration Number problem yet?

    3. Hello! If you don't have a foreigner registration number, I believe you have to buy tickets through a third-party retailer. You cannot be simply issued one because it's the ID number for life in Korea. Sorry I cannot be of more help! Let me know if you figured out a solution and I'll gratefully share it :)

    4. Here is the official link for the Fan-to-Fan third party ticket sales!

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