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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Relocation back to USA

Hi all,
Sorry for going MIA.
If you follow my Instagram (you should totally follow me if you don't already), you know that I relocated back to the USA from Korea about a month ago.

Sorry about the lack of posts! I have been busy adjusting back to life in the United States and it's been taking a lot of energy.

I'm currently in Minnesota (so, got some posts for that coming up) and went on a trip to Boston and Canada a couple of weeks ago (keep an eye out for those posts coming soon) and I still have a lot of info to share with you about my Japan trip, last couple months in Korea (post-hospital stay at Severance...terrible hospital, btw.), and Singapore.

Basically, just STAY TUNED!

Also, if you need anything from Amazon...ever, please click through one of the banners on my blog! I plan on doing a snack and/or beauty haul from there soon enough...and you'll be helping me finance that! (I get a small super small.)

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