[Korea] Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe - Injeolmi Bingsu

Sulbing, the Korean Dessert Cafe, has been sprouting up all around the country.
It is famous for its bingsu, especially in the heat of the infamous Korean summer.

The first time you go, I recommend getting the injeolmi bingsu, the original bingsu and most popular.

Eating tip from experience, be careful with your first bite. I can't remember how many of my friends have inhaled the grain powder. It definitely takes some time to recover after inhaling that.

The Sulbing bingsu is made from shaved ice milk. The injeolmi variety is topped with the Korean grain powder, rice cakes, and sliced almonds. Unlike other bingsus, this one does not come with pat (sweetened red beans).

The bingsu at Sulbing is always served with a little cup full of condensed milk. You add it on for yourself, to your liking. If you want more, you can ask for a refill at the counter, otherwise they sometimes have a refill station by the water, varies by location.

Another tip, make sure you are careful when you pour the condensed milk on. Since it's topped with the powder, the condensed milk just kind of flows down the sides of the ice pile.

So, as someone pours, another person should be makng a little path for the milk to flow into, so that it doesn't just end up on the tray.

I would also definitely not recommend the coffee here. That was definitely a mistake on my part.

We went to the Sinchon location, right across the street from UPlex.

I really like this location because it's HUGE and there's a really nice terrace on the top floor. From the rooftop terrace, you can overlook the Sinchon crossing and do some great people watching.


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