[Convenience Store] Mojito Bar (Mojito Ice Pop/Popsicle) 모히또바

Convenience store ice cream/summer treats in Korea!

I was really craving a popsicle the other day. It is actually quite hard to find one here, which is really disappointing.

But, fear not, there are now Mojito Bars! These contain no dairy, so they're lactose-free for all of you fellow lactose-intolerant people out there.

This bar is really refreshing.

I was really craving a cool treat and was about to eat an ice cream bar and live with the potential consequences when I found this bar.

They are currently on sale for 2+1 at CU, just so you know.

There is no alcohol in it, if you're worried about that.

The lemon-lime flavor is stronger than that of a Sprite or cider. I, personally, thought the lime flavor was stronger, but maybe that is just me.

My go-to ice cream used to be the 돼지바 (the pig bar), but this is now my new favorite.

What's your favorite cool treat from the convenience store?


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