[Snack Attack Korea] Lotte Okdongja Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar 옥동자

This is one of my favorite ice cream bars in Korea. It's a great mix of three different flavors!

Which is your favorite Korean ice cream bar? Comment below.

So, the ice cream bar is covered with a sweet condensed milk shell. On the way inside of the bar is vanilla ice cream with some cookie chunks. It is covered with a chocolate shell.

It's a nice mix of sweet and rich vanilla flavor and some dark chocolate flavor. I really like it because of the mix of textures. The condensed milk shell is hard, but still kind of not totally solid, if that makes sense. The chocolate shell is hard and is fully solid, so there's a nice crunch when you bite through it. Since there are cookie pieces in the vanilla ice cream, there's a bit of texture there, too.

Unlike a lot of the other ice cream flavors I like in Korea, this is kind of more on the sweet side. So, it's a nice change of pace for me and my snack routine.

Price: 800 KRW
(I usually bought mine for 500KRW...they always had a sale 4 for 2000KRW)


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