[Seoul] Cherry Blossom Tour - Seoul National Cemetery

One of the more underrated places to see cherry blossoms in Seoul is the Seoul National Cemetery (국립서울현충원).

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My friend was visiting Korea just to see cherry blossoms. Sadly, most of the blossoms had fallen before she arrived, but I had seen that the trees at the cemetery still had blossoms on them as I was riding the subway one day.

So, when she expressed her disappointment at not being able to see the blossoms, I told her "meet me at the cemetery." That's probably one of the weirdest/creepiest messages to receive in response to a request to see cherry blossoms. I'm sure she was thinking I was crazy and she didn't want to see flowers on the grave stones.

She's a good sport, so we both met up at the cemetery and checked out the cherry blossoms.

Sorry that the pictures didn't really turn out very well. It was a difficult light situation. It was right at the beginnings of dusk and there was a lot of pollution that day.

So, fun fact about the cemetery blossoms. This is the only place in Seoul to see weeping/hanging blossoms.

You can also find the more traditional blossoms, so don't worry about that.

Unlike the other places I wrote about this week and last, it is more crowded. It's not crazy crowded like that small street in Yeouido, but there are definitely a lot of families and cars around. In the large green area in the middle of the park, a ton of families were playing ball and/or having picnics, etc. enjoying the scenery and the weather.

Dongjak Station (lines 4, 9):
Take exit 8. You'll see it right away.


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